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A Dip Into Pool Inspection

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Pools and spas are meant for relaxation – but sometimes we have to put in a little effort to maintain the oasis! One of the best ways you can keep your pool or spa in working order is to have an inspection. If you’re looking into buying a home with a pool (or selling one), an inspection is one of the first steps you should take.


A thorough pool inspection will cover everything from the pool itself to the deck and the equipment. Pumps and pipes will be checked for leaks or problems with the water pressure. The filtration system will be checked for missing or broken parts, and if you have a spa or a heating system, the heating elements and equipment will be examined. All of these elements seem obvious – but there are some less well-known areas that we inspect.


We’ll check out the external bonding of pump motors, heaters, blowers, and any other items that could lead to costly leaks or dangerous issues. If your pool features underwater lighting or timers, we’ll make sure they are shipshape. Because electricity is a major part of keeping your pool running and clean, we will ensure that every outlet, cord, and connection is absolutely safe. We’ll inspect the interior finish materials, any slides, handrails, or ladders. The motors, skimmer, and drains are also on our list!

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Webinar Recap! The Top 10 Issues We Covered

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We had a fantastic time learning about short sales with the gracious Lynn Madison. She was a great speaker and had a wealth of knowledge to share. Even if you missed our webinar, it’s not too late to find out about the top 10 ways to close more short sales. We’ve prepared a webinar video just for you.

Take a look at our flyer here for a quick glimpse at the topics we explored last week in top 10 ways to close more short sales.


Do you know when to start the seller? How do you prepare a buyer who’s looking at a short sale property? If you don’t know the answers to these tough questions, you can find them in our webinar – it’s 40 minutes of real estate advice gold! If you enjoy it, please pass it along via Twitter and Facebook!



Short Sales: Tips For Realtors

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The short sale. It can be a big challenge for realtors to make one of these turn out well for everyone concerned. The fact that a mortgage is involved can put a bad taste in the home owner’s mouth – and that can translate into difficulties during negotiation.


Our webinar will give you some in-depth advice on making these tricky sales work, but until then, here are a handful of tips.


As a realtor, you need to emphasize how important it is for the seller to show the house to a number of potential buyers. Since a short sale client is most likely still going to be living in their home, they may feel awkward about having home inspectors or others strolling through the residence. Unfortunately, this is par for the course in a short sale. If you prepare clients for their mixed or unpleasant emotions about the situation, it can help things go more smoothly.

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Cut Down Energy Costs In Summer 2012!

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Each summer, homeowners are presented with the challenge of keeping their home cool without breaking the bank. Even if you live in a state that enjoys temperate summers, you’ll probably notice a spike in your energy bill from June to September!


Fortunately, there are some very easy ways you can lower your energy bills this summer. The air conditioner is the obvious way to keep comfortable, but you can take steps to help the AC along. Simply keeping the curtains closed during the day will make a difference by blocking out some of the sunlight. If you’re going to be out for the day (at work or running errands), set the thermostat high enough that the air won’t run while nobody is at home. You can also clean the air conditioner filters each month so the AC will be at its most efficient. Putting fans in each room will make the house feel cooler, too.

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7 Home Safety Tips You Can Use Today

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When you hear the words “home safety”, you might picture padlocks, security systems, or maybe even a big guard dog! However, there are a few incredibly simple steps you can take to keep your home safe.

  1. Turn your telephone ring volume down so it can’t be heard ringing from outside your house. If someone is looking to break in, they could hear an unanswered phone ringing and realize you aren’t at home.
  2. Make sure your keys are in a place that burglars wouldn’t think to look (not tucked away under the doormat, flowerpot, or rock key hider).
  3. Secure bookshelves and entertainment centers to the wall with brackets so they can’t tip over. These heavy pieces of furniture can cause serious injury; luckily, it’s easy to prevent them from falling if you invest in a few inexpensive brackets.

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