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Radon Facts And Prevention

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You’ve probably heard of radon – but do you know the facts?


First of all, what is radon? In layman’s terms, it’s a poisonous gas that is found in rock and soil. We know that radon has been linked with lung cancer – it is especially dangerous to smokers. Radon can seep into a home due to cracks in the foundation, loose connections between pipe connections, and even through building materials. Sometimes radon can enter your home through the water if you use a well.


Radon is odorless, invisible, and tasteless, which means it is impossible to detect without using the right equipment. While homes in certain areas of the U.S. have a higher potential for unsafe radon levels, every home needs to be inspected for this dangerous gas. If your home is found to have unsafe levels of radon, it will need to be treated! The type of home you live in will affect the kind of radon mitigation used and the cost. Some methods can be as simple as closing up cracks and implementing natural ventilation. If your home is built on a concrete slab, a technique called “sub-slab suction” may be used. Radon will be suctioned out from beneath your home using a pipe and a fan. Homes with crawlspaces may need fans installed to create the airflow needed to get rid of the poisonous gas.


If you’ve never had your home tested for radon, this is the time to do it. Visit our page on radon inspections for more information on this vital topic!



Tweeterview: Real Estate Tips From Cara Ameer!

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In case you missed Monday’s live Tweeterview with real estate expert Cara Ameer, we’re sharing it on the blog.


Enjoy, and feel free to Like or Tweet this post!


We are thrilled to be sharing a Tweeterview with real estate expert Cara Ameer! She has some great insights for us today.


Inspect-It First: Hi Cara, how are you doing this evening?
Cara Ameer:
 I am doing very well!


Inspect-It First: Great to hear! Let’s start with a local question: Are there any unique challenges to being a real estate agent in Florida?
Cara Ameer: Yes, there sure are! Pricing the property correctly in a declining market and contending with short sales and foreclosures.


Inspect-It First: Beachfront property is beautiful – but it can sustain weather damage. What are some safety features to ask for in a beach house?

Cara Ameer:  Hurricane shutters, wind ratings on windows & doors, and check the roof. Find out if there any back-up power sources, like a generator.


Inspect-It First: Great to know! You had a great TV spot about hidden gems on First Coast Living! Can you tell us how to find hidden gems?

Cara Ameer: Work with a trusted agent who knows these areas and has the connections to uncover properties that may not be for sale. Ask neighbors in areas where you’d like to live if they know of anyone that wants to sell, go to local hangouts…

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Child Safety: Overlooked Dangers In The Home

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If you have children, you’re already aware of how important it is to keep the home as child-safe as possible! Countless injuries can be prevented by a few simple measures. Let’s look at a few major hazards and some easy ways you can make your home safer than before.

  • Fire. Every year, children set over 20,000 fires. That’s a number straight from the U.S. Fire Administration – and a sobering reason to check your smoke alarms twice a year. Other fire prevention measures include putting smoke alarms in each bedroom, covering electric outlets, and teaching your kids that fire isn’t something to be played with. While candles can set a cozy mood or make the home smell nice, they can also be fire hazards. Cut down the risk by using sturdy candleholders and blowing out candles when leaving a room.
  • Drowning. Nearly everyone realizes that a child can drown in only a few inches of water. If you have buckets outside, turn then upside down so they can’t collect rainwater – or keep them in an area that is inaccessible to children. If you have a pool, you need a sturdy fence around it so kids can’t get to the pool unattended. Never leave a child alone in the tub or shower. It only takes a few minutes for a child to drown.
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An Overview of Social Media

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Having a website for your business used to be the pinnacle of promotion – but simply having a website isn’t enough anymore! Now there is an entirely new area where a business must succeed. Social media is the most flexible and far-reaching marketing approach, and it’s crucial that you leverage it!

However, getting started can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never dabbled in social networking or media before. Peruse our guide and you’ll have the groundwork for a solid beginning in social media.


Social Media Giants

  1. Facebook Fan Pages. These pages offer you the chance to interact with your fans and clients on one of the world’s most popular social networks. Fan pages allow you to upload photos, share notes, and even create polls. While fan pages used to be quite restricted, they can now behave like regular profiles, with the ability to comment on news, pages of advertisers, or pop culture pages. This opens up a whole new level of visibility for your business!
  2. Twitter. The most fast-paced of the social media giants! One of the advantages of Twitter is its huge following. There are Twitter users from every field – and conversations about every topic imaginable, some of which take place on a weekly basis. Even a small-time brand can garner attention from major Twitter users and reach thousands of people with one Tweet!
  3. Linked In. A social network for those who want substance, this platform is meant for businesses and professionals. With millions of users, Linked In offers unparalleled networking opportunities. You can join groups tailored to your industry, promote your blog and events, and join ongoing conversations about your field and anything else of interest.
  4. Google Plus. While Google Plus doesn’t have a huge following yet, it does have a few great features that set it apart. For starters, you can decide how much information your followers receive. Each time you get a new follower, you can place him or her in a circle, like “coworkers”, “friends”, “family”, and more. It also ties in to Google’s other tools and apps very nicely!

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