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What a great way to say THANK YOU to our REALTORS! Oreo Cookie Pops!

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When Gail and Mike opened their home inspection business, Gail got tasked with handling Marketing for the business.  “I am not a big fan of marketing and wanted to give him back that job after my first tour of cold calls at realtors’ offices.  Some were nice, but most just wanted me to go away, which I was glad to do,” she says.


Gail loved to bake and knew this skill would elicit smiles as soon as she walked into the offices.  Now her treats have become baked Thank You’s for the referrals received and friendships fostered.   Now in their sixth year in business, colleagues always ask for the secret recipe.  Hopefully it will foster the same level of success Gail has had with it.


This recipe has a “Back to School” theme, but feel free to get creative, depending on the time of year and the people receiving these delicious and fun treats!



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The Power of Words: How to Dissolve Clients’ Objections As A Realtor

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As realtors, you learn something new every day – especially when it comes to what you say to your customers.  We’ve all been there – just as you think you’re about to close a deal, you accidentally say something that makes the buyer think twice about the listing.  Or just as someone’s about to list their property with you, you comment on how beautiful their neighborhood is.  All of a sudden, they second-guess why they would ever want to leave that beautiful neighborhood.  What seem like done deals turn into deals gone bad – all because of your words.

So how do you control your language and effectively communicate with customers – especially ones full of objections?  We were happy to host one of our latest webinars on this exact topic: How Smart Real Estate Pros Dissolve Objections Without Having All the Answers.



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Termite Inspections For Your Home: A Must-Do For Any Buyer or Seller

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For anyone involved in buying or selling a home, the word “termite” may send chills up your spine.  Termites cause billions of dollars of damage each year, more than fires and floods in the U.S.  For a seller, finding termites can mean a longer road to selling your home.  For a buyer, it may dash your dreams of the perfect house.


Fortunately, a little bit of prevention goes a long way in preserving your home from termite infestation.  Even if you don’t suspect termites being an issue in your home or the home you want to buy, getting your home inspected for termites will certainly put you at ease.

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Home Staging Tips for Selling Your Home Faster

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If you’re selling your home in today’s market, there are a lot of homes to compete with.  So how do you get an edge on the competition?  Home staging has been shown to have a lot of influence over buyers, but it does take a bit of work on your part.  Outside of making sure that your home would pass an inspection, these cosmetic changes can make all the difference in how quickly you sell.


Follow these quick home staging tips:


Declutter: When you live in your house and see it every day, it can be difficult to see your home in a new light.  Really take a hard look at your rooms and remove any clutter.  This goes for stacks of magazines, refrigerator magnets, storage boxes, and stacks of mail.  Clutter can make a homebuyer think there’s no storage in the home, which could scare away your potential buyer.


Depersonalize: Yes, your dog is the cutest, but your potential buyer may be a cat person! Remove anything personal in your home, like photos of your family, sports flags outside, or any religious items.  Your potential buyers need to be able to envision themselves living there, and if your house still feels like you, they may not be able to get past that.

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