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Radon: The Houseguest No One Wants to Have

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63674In the Winter, we often spend more time indoors with friends and family.  Unfortunately, there could be an unwanted guest in the room: radon.  Recently, January was declared National Radon Awareness Month by the US Surgeon General, in partnership with The American Lung Association, Centers for Disease Control and National Cancer Institute and the Environmental Protection Agency.


This deadly gas can have detrimental effects on your family’s health.  In fact, radon is responsible for more than 20,000 lung cancer deaths each year, making it the second leading cause of lung cancer after smoking.

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A Growing Problem: How to Prevent Ice Dams and Icicles from Damaging Your Home

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Icicles hanging from a home’s roof are definitely romanticized in Winter scenes.  They’re depicted as beautiful, picturesque, or even romantic, but to any homeowner who’s experienced them, you know the problems icicles or ice dams can be.

How Ice Dams Form

Ice dams are formed when the roof above your home is warmer than the roof near your gutter.  Basically, the snow on your roof melts but freezes again before it drips off of your roof.  The result?  Giant ice dams that wreak havoc on your home.


low slope roof ice damWhat are the Dangers of Ice Dams?

Ice dams certainly can result in damage to your home’s exterior, like rotting your roof or weighing down your gutters, but what you may not realize is the amount of damage the ice can cause your home’s interior.


Ice dams can result in water seeping into your home’s interior.  This may be happening to your home if you’re experiencing water in your attic, water dripping down your walls, or wet insulation.  Besides hurting your home’s interior, leaks that go unspotted could damage your home’s artwork, ceilings, electronics, or other valuable belongings.

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4 Great New Years Resolutions for Home Owners

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nyhouseAt the beginning of the year, we’re all used to making resolutions for ourselves.  Most of us focus on improving our health (namely our waistlines), but there’s something to be said for resolving to improve your home.


That’s right – the beginning of the year is a great time to make a list of resolutions for maintaining and improving your home.  Keeping your home in a good condition and improving its value is the right way to protect and grow your investment.


Here are some great new years resolutions for homeowners:


Go green: The beginning of the year can be a great time to start new habits, and green habits can not only mean a more eco-friendly lifestyle for your family, they can also save you money.  For example, the New Year is a great time to commit to compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Don’t be put off by the price; these bulbs will last 10 times as long as incandescent, and according to the Department of Energy, swapping out 15 of these bulbs can save you $50 a year.

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