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A Spring Home Repair Checklist and Home Maintenance Guide

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repairSpring has sprung, and it’s now time to emerge from your home and see how your house faired through the cold Winter months. Check off a few of these Spring home repairs from your checklist, and rest assured that your home will emerge strong and refreshed for the coming Summer months.


Most of these repairs can be handled on your own, but if you feel uncomfortable completing any of them, be sure to request the help of a professional.


Examine your home’s foundation. Cold temperatures and freeze/thaw conditions aren’t exactly ideal for your home’s foundation, especially if there were cracks or fissures left untreated in the Winter. Take a walk around your home and examine the foundation for any large cracks. Also be sure to notice if any cracks are close to a water source – be cautious of any moisture entering your home.


Clear the basement window wells. A few extra leaves may have fallen here in the Fall and been buried by snow. Pests and critters love to burrow in leaves here, so be sure to remove any potential hideaways for them.


Check gutters and drainspouts. Given the amount of Spring and Summer rain, you’ll want to ensure that your spouts are working properly. Clear any debris and test the spouts with a hose.


Trim any nearby limbs. Love that beautiful tree beside your home? A Summer thunderstorm could sent one of its limbs through a window. Trim back any limbs that look too close for comfort.


Clean your laundry dryer vent. Make sure that it appears to be in good shape and clean any lint from it. Letting this one go can actually be a source for a future fire.


Examine/reinstall your air conditioner. If you have a unit outside, clear it off and inspect its condition. If you use window units, uncover them and install.


Check your roof. Freeze/thaw conditions and supporting pounds of snow throughout the Winter may have done some damage to your roof. Examine your roof from the ground with binoculars or hire a professional to climb onto the roof. Pay particular attention to any missing or curled shingles. If you notice small trees or moss growing, examine the inside below it for moisture or call a professional.


Improving Home Ventilation for Asthma Sufferers

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May is National Asthma Awareness month, and if you or a family member have asthma, you know how important ventilation is in your home. As we spend more and more time indoors, it’s important that our homes’ air is safe and clean, allowing for easy breathing and a decrease in asthma attacks. In fact, poor ventilation can lead to asthma or exacerbate asthma symptoms.


Clean air is especially important for pregnant women, children, and the elderly, so if that pertains to you, follow these steps to improve your home’s air quality:


Get a ventilation inspection: Today, homes are built to retain cool and warm air – perhaps a little too well. All that insulation can wreck havoc on your air quality if your house isn’t properly ventilated. In fact, you could end up breathing the same air over and over. A ventilation inspection for your home is a good idea if you have someone suffering from asthma. Many people think that their air conditioner will filter the air, but there can be other culprits contributing to poor air quality that only a professional inspector can ask.


Monitor the humidity: Homes that are too humid are breeding grounds for dust mites, which are a major allergen. If you use a humidifier in the Winter or live in an area where it gets humid in the summer, the fabrics in your home could be holding onto that moisture. Unfortunately, this can result in mold and dust mites.


Clean it up: Allergens can accumulate in homes for decades, so even if the home is new to you, it could still be holding onto allergens from the past (and even pet dander). Vacuum two times a week and several times over high-traffic areas. Invest in a vacuum that includes a HEPA filter; this ensures that dust won’t be blown back out into the room, but instead, captured.


If you’d like to read more on the topic, check out our Home Ventilation 101 whitepaper. To schedule your ventilation home inspection, locate an Inspect-It 1st home inspector in your area.

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