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Pesky Pests Inspection Services

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pestThe warmer weather has arrived—and with it, so has household pests like spiders, wasps, ants and termites. These insects may seem harmless at first, but in truth they can do damage to your home.


Spiders are beneficial because they eat other insects, like mosquitoes and other flying insects—but when they are in your home, it’s a different story. No one likes walking through cobwebs—especially when you’re trying to get to your bedroom! There are many commercial products out there to get rid of spiders, but the best thing to get rid arachnids is to take away their food source. More than likely if you are having problems with spiders, you are having problems with another insect as well; this could be ants, carpet bugs, anything that gives the spider food to eat. Once you get rid of them, the spiders will die out on their own.


Wasps are a hardy breed. Unlike their cousins the bee, wasps can sting you more than once without losing their stinger and dying. They are also a lot more aggressive than bees; bees are more likely to leave you alone if you do the same for them, whereas wasps and yellow jackets can be more malicious. It is highly recommended to get a professional exterminator to get rid of these flying menaces, especially if you are allergic.


Ants are industrious—they can carry between 10 and 50 times their weight. These “strongmen” of the insect world are a superb example of mother nature – but in no way do they belong in your home. Not only are they unsightly, they will gather crumbs of food and bring them to their nest—leaving a dirty path along the way. Again, just like spiders, the best way to get rid of ants is to get rid of their food. Some ants eat leftover food; and some actually eat other insects, it depends on what type they are. Before you purchase an ant trap ensure you have a type of ant that will be caught by it.


Termites are truly dangerous to a home. They can eat holes in the wood of your walls, and cause the walls themselves to become unsteady.  How do you know if you have termites? The biggest sign that you have these creepy crawlies is if you see them swarm. In the spring, the termites will try to relocate to a new nest, and you might see them on windowsills and blinds, where they’ve tried to escape. You might also see shelter tubes; termites need moisture to thrive, and these pencil-thick tubes will be found along exposed areas. You can also look around the foundation of your home for holes and rotten wood.


The best way to deal with termites is to call in an expert—did you know that Inspect It 1st has termite inspection services? Give them a call today if you think termites might be the cause of your creepy crawly problem. Inspect It 1st provides a variety of inspection services, including well flow testing, commercial testing and roof inspection.

Packing, Purging, and Transitioning | Tips for Moving Houses Quickly

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packingSo you’re ready to move, but you’re under pressure to meet a moving date that’s fast approaching.  For most people, they can pack and get ready to move in about 8 weeks. If you’re under pressure to move quicker than that, though, we have some tips for you to make this move as efficient and quick as possible.


Contact your movers: If you’re going to need a moving company, be sure that calling them is a priority on your list.  Movers tend to be really busy around the beginning and ends of the month, as most peoples’ leases or closing dates tend to fall around this time.  You may need to be flexible on your move date, which is all the more reason to keep organized.


Purge, purge purge:  Under the deadline, you may feel like tossing everything in a box and opting to sell or donate it later.  Don’t do this! Now’s the time to get rid of unused or unwanted items and save time (and money!) on packing, shipping, and unpacking those items.  If you haven’t used or worn it in a year, get rid of it.  Have a tendency to hoard?  Enlist the help of a friend or relative to keep you on the straight and narrow.


Pack properly: To meet the deadline, you may also be tempted to throw contents in boxes and sort it out later. Try to keep boxes separated by where they’ll be in your new house.  For instance, label your boxes “blue bedroom” or “downstairs bathroom” to help movers be able to pack the truck properly and unload more efficiently.  Don’t be afraid to enlist help, either.   Professional packers can save you a lot of time, but they can be costly.  Request quotes or shop for packing supplies and call some friends.


Notify utilities and services: Now’s the time to call your utility providers and notify them of your move. Moving in the middle of the month?  Ask about pro-rated fees for the month of your move.  Most even offer the ability to cancel or transfer their services online, but keep in mind that you’ll have to return any rented equipment, like DVRs, cable boxes, or WIFI routers, so budget time for that.  Don’t forget to change your address with the postal service, either.

House Hunting Tips: How to Safely Search for a House Online

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If you’re among the 32 percent of homeowners who first learned of your house online, you’re not alone. More and more, house hunters are starting their search for a home online, but if you’re among them, there are certainly things you should be aware of when searching for a home online.


First, don’t assume that just because you have the Internet at your fingertips, you’re suddenly a realtor. Often, websites aren’t comprehensive of all the listings in the area. Or, they aren’t updated with the latest listings, and in a competitive market where houses sell in days, you could be missing out on your dream home.


Next, don’t ignore For Sale By Owner listings. Current numbers indicate that 20 to 25 percent of home listings are independent listings. Again, you could be missing out on your dream home if you search only on realtors’ websites. Expand your search and see if there’s a For Sale By Owner website in your search area.


That being said, be careful and avoid any fake listings. You may come across these on Craigslist or other third party sights. As with anything being sold on the Internet, if it looks too good to be true, it probably is. The indicators? The owners are desperate to cut a deal, or the listing doesn’t include any photos (or just one).


Even if a listing is legitimate, don’t trust that everything on its listing is accurate. Sites like can be great at seeing a number of homes for sale at once, but the valuation they put on homes is more of an estimate. Instead, use those home valuations as a starting point for negotiating.


The Internet has really transformed the real estate market for house hunters, but it certainly doesn’t replace realtors; instead, it gives house hunters the chance to see what’s out there and what they can afford. Use these tips wisely, and you’ll be able to assist your realtor with finding your dream home in no time.

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