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5 DIY Winter Projects for Your Home

Posted on: December 7th, 2017 | No Comments

tips for DIY winter projectsWith the weather getting colder, it’s time to shift your focus from outdoor home improvements to indoor upgrades. Use the upcoming winter months as the perfect opportunity to revamp your home’s interior. Utilize the following list of 5 DIY winter projects for your home this season.



5 DIY Winter Projects for Your Home


Get a head start on your home improvement goals by choosing one or more of these easy DIY projects.


1. Revamp Your Fireplace


Whether your fireplace is functional or not, it’s often still the main focus of a room. If your current fireplace is looking dated or dull, consider a quick DIY makeover to liven things up! Simple touch-ups including a fresh paint job, a new mantle, or adding accent plants and trinkets can give your fireplace a whole new look. For fireplaces that are not functional, consider swapping out traditional logs with candles for a cozy feel.


2. Draft Stopper


Instead of purchasing a store-bought draught excluder or draft stopper, create your own for a customized look. With significantly cooler air temperatures, it’s not uncommon to experience drafty doorways in the winter. With some fabric, cotton for stuffing, and a few stitches, you can create your own draft stopper. In addition to saving on purchasing a store-bought stopper, you may even find your new project keeps the heating bills down!


3. Closet Organization


Closets are often the go-to storage space for unnecessary clutter. Take the winter season as the perfect excuse to go through your closets and give them a cost-friendly upgrade. Depending on your budget, you can elect to build your own closet organizer with a few materials, or you can repurpose bins and storage containers to serve as added space. Measure your closet and refer to this guide for specific building instructions.


4. Shoe Rack


Somehow the number of shoes we own seems to multiply in the winter. With the extra boots and house guests, it can often seem like you just don’t have the space for everyone’s shoes. Consider making your own shoe rack for a budget-friendly solution. Repurpose wooden crates, or even build something from scratch depending on your skill level or budget. Creating a designated space for shoes that is both convenient and looks nice in your home will do wonders for your storage needs.


5. Final Touch-Ups


Take the days spent in your home to inspect every room for minor touch-ups and improvements you’ve been putting off during the warmer seasons. Search for chipped paint, dated outlets and light switches, old knobs and pulls, and any other small projects around your home. With a fresh paint coat and simple upgrades, your home will look refreshed and ready for the year.


While you tackle your own DIY projects for the winter, don’t forget the importance of a proper home inspection. For a complete inspection of your home, contact the experts at Inspect-It 1st! Locate your closest Inspect-It 1st office here.

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