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How To Sell Your Home Faster

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It’s a buyers market – at least for now, which means that your future home buyer has a lot of options to weigh in your market. So how do you standout? Ty these tips to sell your home faster.


Help your realtor – Social media is a great way to get the word out about your home. The average Facebook user has 130 friends, which means 130 connections to your potential homebuyer. Post your home’s listing to your Facebook and Twitter. Share your photos of it via Instagram. Make your home come to life in your online circle.


Capitalize on the drive by – More buyers are searching online for their next home. The next step? They do the drive by. Don’t miss this opportunity to show them your home. No, we’re not saying you should run out and invite them in for a tour (definitely don’t do this). But, ask your realtor for a QR code to put on your For Sale sign. That code can link to a virtual tour exclusively for those who are doing the drive by. Even better, it can give them direct contact information for your realtor, in case you’ve peaked their interest.

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Using Social Media to Generate Leads, Sell Homes, and Build Your Brand

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Social_mediaIf you’re a realtor, it’s time to buy into the selling power of social media.  According to research by the National Association of Realtors, more than 90% of home buyers used the internet during the home buying process in 2012.  63% of home buyers took at least one virtual home tour via the web.  Internet searches for real estate agents grew by 46% from 2011 to 2012.  The written word is quickly becoming just as powerful as the spoken word when it comes to pushing your name, your brand, and your offerings. Before you start posting, tweeting, and connecting, here are some helpful tips for managing your social media content:


  • Create a clear, concise description to use for all of your social media profiles.  For example, say, “I am a residential real estate agent, based in Chester County, specializing in single-family homes. Check out my website:”

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An Overview of Social Media

Posted on: May 8th, 2012 | No Comments

Having a website for your business used to be the pinnacle of promotion – but simply having a website isn’t enough anymore! Now there is an entirely new area where a business must succeed. Social media is the most flexible and far-reaching marketing approach, and it’s crucial that you leverage it!

However, getting started can be a bit intimidating if you’ve never dabbled in social networking or media before. Peruse our guide and you’ll have the groundwork for a solid beginning in social media.


Social Media Giants

  1. Facebook Fan Pages. These pages offer you the chance to interact with your fans and clients on one of the world’s most popular social networks. Fan pages allow you to upload photos, share notes, and even create polls. While fan pages used to be quite restricted, they can now behave like regular profiles, with the ability to comment on news, pages of advertisers, or pop culture pages. This opens up a whole new level of visibility for your business!
  2. Twitter. The most fast-paced of the social media giants! One of the advantages of Twitter is its huge following. There are Twitter users from every field – and conversations about every topic imaginable, some of which take place on a weekly basis. Even a small-time brand can garner attention from major Twitter users and reach thousands of people with one Tweet!
  3. Linked In. A social network for those who want substance, this platform is meant for businesses and professionals. With millions of users, Linked In offers unparalleled networking opportunities. You can join groups tailored to your industry, promote your blog and events, and join ongoing conversations about your field and anything else of interest.
  4. Google Plus. While Google Plus doesn’t have a huge following yet, it does have a few great features that set it apart. For starters, you can decide how much information your followers receive. Each time you get a new follower, you can place him or her in a circle, like “coworkers”, “friends”, “family”, and more. It also ties in to Google’s other tools and apps very nicely!

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