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The Power of Words: How to Dissolve Clients’ Objections As A Realtor

Posted on: August 17th, 2012 | No Comments

As realtors, you learn something new every day – especially when it comes to what you say to your customers.  We’ve all been there – just as you think you’re about to close a deal, you accidentally say something that makes the buyer think twice about the listing.  Or just as someone’s about to list their property with you, you comment on how beautiful their neighborhood is.  All of a sudden, they second-guess why they would ever want to leave that beautiful neighborhood.  What seem like done deals turn into deals gone bad – all because of your words.

So how do you control your language and effectively communicate with customers – especially ones full of objections?  We were happy to host one of our latest webinars on this exact topic: How Smart Real Estate Pros Dissolve Objections Without Having All the Answers.



In the webinar, you’ll learn powerful ways to convert leads to deals – all through the use of language.  You’ll learn:

  1. How to identify where a buyer or seller is in their search,
  2. How to handle a buyer’s objections,
  3. How to influence buyers to address their own objections, and
  4. How to come across as confident without seeming like a know-it-all.

The presenter of this 60-minute workshop, Linda Schneider, is a real estate trainer, coach, and licensed agent.  With a master’s degree in Linguistics, Linda is an expert in sales language.  Throughout her career, Linda has authored over 250 articles and more than 600 training courses on leadership, sales, and real estate prospecting. You don’t want to miss the valuable tips Linda has for realtors everywhere.

Never eat your words again – access this and many other on-demand Realtor Webinars today, and finally use your language as the effective sales tool it can be.


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In addition to owning his own Inspect-It 1st franchise, Martin Lenich is the General Manager of Inspect-It 1st. Mr. Lenich’s expertise spans over 25 years in the inspection, design, and construction industry, branding and marketing, technical and operational management, risk management, technology implementation, as well as training. As a leader of the Inspect-It 1st team, he continuously identifies opportunities to enhance clients' experiences with Inspect-It 1st, and to keep Inspect-It 1st positioned as the industry's Gold Standard in residential and commercial property inspections. Inspect-It 1st inspectors, “provide the right balance of technical detail and business sensitivity to the art and science of property inspection” – Martin Lenich.

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